People Management or Technical skills?

Comment on People Management or Technical skills? by sukeshmarla.

but don’t you think after that technical people fool him/her (the manager)……

Do you think after MBA people really learn how to manage people…I know many people who are MBA but don’t know much about people management.

Last point..Here I am trying to ask people , Is it true that people management should be considered more than technical skills..

I found that most of the people run behind technical guys because they will get a chance to learn something new . They follows them, listen to them ultimately people management.

On the other side a person good in people management will not be able to handle many technical guys if they are not technically good….They will be in a impression that ,Project is going in in correct direction but in reality its not…Many bugs and bad deadlines because manager dont know technical…

My belief is both Technical and People management is important…Both should be followed throughout Software career.